Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rachel Ray's Grilled Cheese Sammies

My mom came across this one and the hubby and I made it for lunch today. Super yumm-o.

Today we can call them Court's NFL Play-Off Game Day Sammies. How does that sound?? SKOL Vikings! HA!

Nah...can't take the credit. This one's all Rachel.

YUMMY stuff. Pair the Sammie with your favorite bowl of soup and you've got a winner of a meal.

Rachel Ray's Grilled Cheese Sammies

Pumpernickel Bread (we used multigrain as our grocery store was out. BUMMER)
Butter or Margarine
Dill pickle relish
Sliced Muenster or Havarti Cheese (we used muenster)

Butter one side of bread only. The sides you will be browning in the pan or on a griddle.

Spread dill relish on one slice of bread, top with a few pieces of watercress, and two slices of Muenster Cheese.

Ttop with the other buttered piece of bread and heat through until cheese melts. Turn once.

Rachel also adds sliced corned beef at St. Patricks Day time and serves with her Cabbage Stoup.


ashley said...

Looks amazing! I love the color the watercress adds!